Saturday, November 26, 2011

Storage Ideas

Storage is a challenge for everyone.  Weather you are living in a mansion or a one bedroom apartment, you have clutter and need clever, creative storage solutions whenever possible.  

RealSimple Magazine has come up with some clever storage ideas that can help you reach your organizing goals.  

1.  Organize your drawers by using boxes to seperate all of your stuff.   I suggest using boxes you already have, shoe boxes work great!  You can also purchase these mesh drawer organizers from Container Store
Once you get those messy drawers organized, finally everything will have a place and be easy to find!  You can use this organizing idea in any drawers you may have.  

2. Use Command Hooks for almost anything - I use them to organize my fiances hats, to hang jewlery the wall next to my mirror, to organize my hangable bags/purses and to manage the dogs various collars and leashes.  

I began using clear mini command hooks to hang/display my jewelry because I was running out of space in my jewelry drawer/box.  I have about 8 small hooks staggered which hold various pieces that I wear on a regular basis.  For those pieces that are delicate I hang them inside their bags - yes, you will see tons of Tiffanys bags on my wall.

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