Thursday, December 1, 2011

Couture Closets

"Forget huge kitchens, million-dollar views, and blue-chip furnishings. Often the best room in a celebrity’s home is the most private—the closet. For these design-world stars, the spaces created to contain their wardrobes reflect their personal style as much as the clothes (and shoes!) within—whether it’s designed with tailored masculinity, feminine allure, or over-the-top glamour" - Elle Decor

Here are a few of my favorite celebrity closets...

belongs to: Paris Hilton

belongs to: Stacey 'Fergie' Duhmel
Luxurious Closet of the always fashionable Nicky Hilton.
Dressing Room - Fit for the one and only, Ms. Mariah Carey
Mariah Carey's Shoe Section

Carrie Bradshaw - SATC Movie

Kardashian Kollection - The Closet Edition
Courtesy of InStyle Magazine

As America's first family of reality TV we have watched the Kardashian family and their careers grow in front of our eyes.  One of the most fascinating thing about them is their larger than life personalities, over the top style and of course, their fabulous fashion sense!

Clearly the Kardashian ladies LOVE to shop.  Weather they are buying for their store DASH, introducing their Kardashian Kollection at Sears, or taking some personal retail therapy time these girls are ultimate fashionistas!  And of course, all fashionistas NEED a Couture Closet to display all of the pieces of their wardrobe.

For fashionistas like the Kardashians a closet is much more than a place you hang your clothes in.  A closet is the center of so much action, it is a room of its own, almost like an art gallery.  The couture closet is an extension of your style and sense of fashion... With strategically organized shelves, dresses hanging on display and full built in wall racks with color coordinated, style coordinated shoe displays.

Below have an inside view of the fashion wonderlands that are Kardashian Klosets!

I think Khole's is the best of the three closets.  Let me know which one you like best. 

Of all of the amazing closets I have seen, this is my absolute favorite.  
From the huge mirror to the make up table and VCA style chair, it is nothing less than fabulous!
Hopefully one day James will be able to build it for me :)

Of all of the room design and functionality, 'Couture Closets' are a DesignChic favorite.  From the details to the construction DesignChic will take your redesign your closet, taking it from standard to couture.  My passion for design, architecture, styling, fashion, organization, decor and overall perfection is what has driven me towards creating couture closets.

DesignChic will hold your hand every step of the way.  We begin with a closet cleanse, which entails taking inventory of every piece on your wardrobe, selecting which items are the correct size, what is in style/current and what you are emotionally attached to.  Once everything is recorded, we will go through and pull the pieces that you no longer wear - from there we will decide what can be put up for resale (with Lulu Bella Boutique) and what items should be donated. * 

After the cleanse has been completed, we will review design styles, colors, layouts and decor/furniture so you can pick your favorite styles and create the closet of your dreams.  I will then create a blueprint/design concept custom designed for you.  Upon approval of the overall concept, we will start the makeover.  

DesignChic has close relationships with vendors, designers, custom builders and millwork companies which allows us to bring in the best of the best to create your couture closet.  Any outside contractors are handpicked and have had a relationship with my business (and/or my family's custom home building business) and have a track record of excellent work and trust to do the job right.  

Weather you are looking to hire DesignChic as a personal organizing service (for closet, home office, bedroom, etc), for a closet cleanse session & consignment company, as a consultant for design and decor concepts or for the complete couture closet overhaul; we do it all.  'Nothing less than perfection' is the phrase that DesignChic is built upon and is the definition of what DesignChic will provide to you.

DesignChic Services:
* Consultation
* Personal Organization
* Design/Decor Planning
* Closet Cleanse
* Consignment/Re-Sale
* Interior redesign (outsourced, as needed)
* 'Do it Yourself' Consultation Packages
* Couture Closet Design
* Couture Closet Overhaul
(additional services are available, feel free to contact me with any questions)

* As the founder of Lulu Bella Boutique, I have years of experience in the world of high end resale/consignment.  When doing a closet cleanse you will finally be able to see all of those pieces you no longer wear that are still in like new condition, things you wore maybe once or twice and even items with the tags still attached.  

If you choose consignment with Lulu Bella Boutique, you will be able to turn all of those unworn pieces into cash back into your pocket!  Once we complete the consignment agreement, we will throughly inspect your merchandise for any flaws, items are then priced, photographed, integrated into the marketing plan and posted to Lulu Bella's website for sale (  

Once your item(s) sell,  you will receive a percentage of the final sale price (ranging from 20% - 45%, depending on the condition and value of the item).  For those items that you would like to donate or items that are not in resale condition we will provide you with charity options looking for donation.  As a courtesy, Lulu Bella will record the item values so you are able to claim the donation amount as a tax deduction.

One of our specialties is style overhauls, closet cleanse, organization, design and decor.  We do it all for you - from going through your items with you, picking what to save and what you want to donate or sell to a consignment store (there is lots of extra $$ hanging in there) to hanging everything in its proper spot when the closet makeover is complete.  We LOVE fashion and our fashion should be cared for with love!


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  3. I still remember that Nicky Hilton closet feature in Instyle magazine. It's still one of my favorites!


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