Saturday, January 7, 2012

Missoni for Target – Home Collection

The whole world stopped to wait in line at target and online shoppers got frustrated with the website crash the day that Missoni became a staple collection for the discount store.

Missoni’s loud designs, patterns and colors have not always been my favorite, but I have begun to warm up to many of the pieces in their home collection.

Adding some pops of color can give your home décor that spark that has always been missing from a room that may have been boring. When added (in moderation) Missoni can look posh and chic – in moderation is the key term. Too much of anything is never good, a phrase that rings 100% true to this often eccentric line. Though it is a very expensive, designer brand…if you add too much Missoni you can make anything (from a room to your outfit) look cheap, not to mention looking like you are trying way too hard to look fashionable and trendy.

If you are looking to add Missoni to your décor, here are a few key pieces that I would suggest…

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