Saturday, August 11, 2012

Maximize your living space

As a recent college graduate just starting my career and life as an ‘adult’ I do not exactly have the luxury of the 6500sf home I grew up in anymore.  These days home is more like a 800sf  apartment that live in with my fiancé, dog and that whole wardrobe that I never exactly realized was so big!  Needless to say, I have had to learn how to maximize the space that I have, it did take some getting use to and compromise. 

Here are a few of the most important things I learned and some tips you could use to make your condo/apartment look and feel like you have much more space.

DOUBLE DUTY: Choose your furniture wisely, think versatility.  Don’t purchase anything that you can’t use multiple ways or that will add storage space to your home. 
Find and highlight furniture that does more than one thing: an ottoman that also provides storage, a bench to sit on, put your tv on or store baskets underneath, etc

One of my absolute favorites if the ‘Premium Cube Center’ from The Container Store – you can use it in SO many ways/places – by double stacking the cubes, it is high enough to use as counter space.  The cubes themselves come in 5 different styles, the Premium Quartered, 2-Drawer, Divided, Open, and Cabinet Door Cube (each is sold separately, so you can choose which work best for you) 

Another way to maximize your storage capability is finding furniture that incorporates storage bins.  With the Pottery Barn ‘Samantha Entryway Collection; you can easily bring order to busy entryways (can be used anywhere not just in entryways) with a well-designed system that's expertly constructed for years of everyday use.  This two piece system has a bench which provides cubbies for shoes, sports gear and more.  Hung above the bench is a shelf which has three different capabilities.  Like the bench, the shelf has three cubbies for storage, hooks which provide easy, convenient storage and even the top of the shelf which is a flat surface which you can use to stack boxes, etc.

 Bookcases are no longer just for books…The Container Store has an amazing option that works as shelving/media center, from the ‘Linea Collection’.  Space-saving and stylish, you'll love our Linea Narrow Leaning Bookcase! It features five fixed shelves that start shallow at the top and get deeper as you go down - each shelf features a gallery edge to keep items in place. To maximize use, put one Linea Leaning bookcases on either side of the Linea Media Center!

 THINK UP:  To use all available wall space and height, Kaihoi built this floor-to-ceiling bookcase. There are storage cabinets on the bottom, a spot for the television, and plenty of room for books. 

Mirrors can do wonders for a small space, not only do mirrors make spaces look larger, but they are stylish and are fabulous central décor pieces

Wall shelves, like the Crown Moulding Ledges from Pottery Barn, which are architecturally contoured ledges  that allow you to stage a series of changing displays . Available in three different sizes, you can use the ledges singly to display a special piece or hang in multiples for an eclectic look.  Use to display a gallery of prints, vacation photos or your favorite collection of images.

Organization, Organization, Organization: By far one of the most critical things when it comes to maintaining a home (small or large), but it is especially important when your space is limited.  If you have stuff out of order, all over the place, you will feel more cramped than ever – to avoid this stay organized at all times.

Organization and Consolidation go hand and hand.  It is important, go thru your stuff and realistically ask yourself what to keep and what to let go of.  This is important when it comes to clothing- as a general rule, if you haven’t worn it in over a year, let it go.  No, that is not code for trash… it just means a fresh start, letting go of the clutter… and with this you have TONS of options; donation, consignment/resale *think, Lulu BellaBoutique , swap party (get together with friends and trade), etc.  Think of it as making room for the future! 

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