Friday, June 1, 2012

lifeSTYLE: Organize Your Clutter

We all have it somewhere, even the most organized person in the world has some bit of clutter (think Friends - Monica's secret locked closet that she wouldn't allow anyone into... packed with crap).  

Clutter comes in various forms, making it difficult to distinguish what is 'useful clutter' and what is 'junk clutter'.  When it comes down to it, I always suggest consolidating each season - 4 times/year.  Regardless of your purging, you will still have things laying around that have no logical place to be held.  That is what this posting is all about - not reducing and getting rid of your clutter, but spending the time to organize it, finding a home for each little thing, no matter how awkwardly shaped it may be.

Start with a plan - choose what rooms, areas, etc you want to concquer - if you don't, you may be left with a bigger mess than when you started.  Next, get on over to the Container Store (my personal favorite) to pick out items/containers/shelving/etc. that will allow you to put all of your things in their place.  

There is a simple resolution for eliminating clutter from your home, office, car, etc... and that only solution is by keeping yourself organized.  

Once you have reduced clutter and are successfully organized, you will immediately notice that you are less stressed, happier, more successful and even more confident!

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